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Suffolk Holiday Mug Shots

Get a £25 Discount on your next Suffolk Holiday with us, just for sending us your Mug Shots! We’ll also enter you into our PRIZE DRAW to WIN a FREE BREAK too!!!

FREE Suffolk Holiday with Mug ShotsFor some time now we’ve encouraged our guests to take their Woodfarm Mugs away with them to remind them of their Suffolk Holiday, and we’ve certainly got through thousands now so we know you like them!

But it’s about time we saw them in use around the country. There are thousands of our Mugs around the UK and abroad now and we figured it’d be nice to see where they’ve gone. So why not send us a photo of where your mugs have ended up?……..Suffolk Holiday Mug ShotsWe would love you to send us a ‘Mug Shot’ (see what we did there?) of you enjoying your cuppa, whether at home or at work. You could even be creative in where you take yours, we may give extra points for imagination! And as a little thank you for doing so we’ll send you a Voucher Code for £25 OFF your next visit. How’s that sound? Well, there’s more! If you think that sounds good, we’ll also add everyone who sends us a Mug Shot into a PRIZE DRAW to WIN a FREE BREAK too! We have always been very fortunate to have so many guests returning to us for their Suffolk Holiday, and recommending us to their family and friends, so we really want to encourage you to get a little extra when you come back and see us again. Simply take a photo of yourselves using our Mugs, whether they are Woodfarm Barns, or Woodfarm Barges and email it to us at;

It’s just for fun so unless you ask us not to, we’ll add them to this Mug Shot page and share them on Social Media. Either way we’ll send you your £25 OFF Voucher Code by return and you can simply use that next time you book.

Oh, make sure they’re nice and clear and you look happy in your pics! ????

Forgot to take yours with you last time you were here? Just drop us a line and as long as you have been before, we’ll send you a mug in the post so you can take part!


Win a Suffolk Holiday aboard Twee GebroedersAs I said, we’ll put everyone who sends us a Mug Shot into a PRIZE DRAW every 6 months and pick one lucky WINNER out of the hat to WIN a FREE SUFFOLK HOLIDAY for two, either in The Granary Barn or aboard our beautiful romantic barge Twee Gebroeders in Woodbridge. You can choose!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, we are far too good to you!

So, here are some of our Mug Shots so far……

Suffolk Holiday Mug Shots - A now 'expectant' Zoe, with Rocco and Nova

A now ‘expectant’ Zoe, with Rocco and Nova


Suffolk Holiday Mug Shots - Sarah

Sarah – if only the light box said #MugShots ????


Suffolk Holiday Mug Shots - Toby loving his cuppa!

Suffolk Holiday Mug Shots – Toby loving his cuppa!


Suffolk Holiday Mug Shots - Diane giving it the thumbs up

Diane giving it the thumbs up


Suffolk Holiday Mug Shots of Riley and Aimee

Riley and Aimee


Dave and Jo with their Suffolk Holiday souvenirs

Dave and Jo


Angela with her Suffolk Holiday souvenir