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Walking along the River Deben in Suffolk

River Deben at night from our Holiday Cottage Barge

The River Deben offers some of the most beautiful scenery in England, let alone Suffolk. And what better way to enjoy it than with a walk along its banks?

The Tidemill on the River DebenWe are so lucky to have some wonderful walks along the banks of the River Deben, where we have one of the Woodfarm Barges, Twee Gebroeders, moored next the iconic Tidemill.

Heading North

From the Tidemill, walk along the river to Wilford Bridge, which will take you about 20 leisurely minutes or so and is as far as you can go in a sailing boat. Take a canoe or kayak and you can continue for about a mile on tranquil waters through reedbeds and meadows. I know as I’ve done so on several occasions. There’s an easy footpath along the river bank as you meander past a number of houseboats.

Heading South

The River DebenGo the other way and the path takes you to Kyson Hill which is owned by the National Trust. There is a boatshed and slipway at Kyson point and the path turns right here to run along side Martlesham Creek. It is a lovely walk to the end of the creek where the tidal waters meet the fresh water of the River Fynn. The path is well-trodden and a great one for dogs, with lots of interesting smells and long grasses to run through.

Wherever you walk along the River Deben you are likely to  see a huge range of wading birds and even the occasional seal. Watch out too for the swans along the river wall and the turnstones which are very tame and fun to watch at low tide. You’re sure to spot Avocets too, which are a real stalwart of the Deben, so much so, that they feature on the hand-made tiles in the shower aboard Twee Gebroeders.

Much of the River Deben is accessible only by boat but if you head from Woodbridge by car (or boat!) to Felixstowe or Bawdsey and take the ferry across to the other side. There are great great walks either side, as well as views right out to sea as this is the mouth of the River Deben