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The Times features Onderneming!

Onderneming in The Times, now at Snape Maltings

Following The Times newspaper featuring our other Dutch Barge Twee Gebroeders in February 2018, we are delighted that Onderneming has now been featured by them too!

Onderneming featured in The TimesWe thought it was pretty cool to have a listing in The Times for Twee Gebroeders in their list of ‘Love Nests: Great Places for Two’. This has given us some great kudos as the travel supplement of The Times is such a well known source for travellers and holidaymakers.

Well imagine our delight at finding out that they have now featured Onderneming too! She has featured in their list of the top 50 ‘Best Unusual Holiday Houses in Britain 2018’.

The Times and OndernemingThe Times has long been one for writing about interesting places and we are just so chuffed that both of our barges have featured in great articles by them within a year of owning them!

I can confirm that she is a unique place to stay as I bought her after staying as a paying customer myself in March 2017. As I was looking around to take the Woodfarm Barns brand onto the water, I fell in love with Onderneming and just 4 months later we launched the Woodfarm Barge brand with Onderneming and Twee Gebroeders. That was a busy 4 months!

Onderneming in The TimesSince then we have had the pleasure of sharing Onderneming with hundreds of guests, who’ve enjoyed the sheer size of her, as well as the unique experience of holidaying on a river. At well over 100 tons you don’t even know you’re afloat but you do have all the advantages of the stunning views, the wildlife around you and the fabulous walk sin either direction.

She retains so many of her original features, which really do enhance your stay. There are portholes throughout, still retaining their red and green surrounds in the lower saloon so you can tell your port from your starboard (that’s left and right to land-lubbers)

So a huge thank you to The Times for including our wonderful Dutch Barge Onderneming in such a great list.