The meaning behind the names of our Barges and Barns

“What’s in a name?” as Juliet Capulet said. Well, for us at Woodfarm, there’s a lot of meaning behind the names of our Historic, Dog-Friendly Holiday Barges, Luxury Barns and our brand new Tuscan hideaway.

Twee Gebroeders - Tide Mill

Twee Gebroeders is based at the historic Tide Mill

Twee Gebroeders

As you may know, it’s unlucky to change the name of a boat, which is the reason why our Barges kept the names that they had when we bought them. Both are Dutch Barges, and therefore have Dutch names. Twee Gebroeders is moored in Woodbridge’s Tidemill, and its name means ‘Two Brothers’ in English. Built in 1914 in Heeg, Friesland, the boat was originally used for taking cut peat into town and the resulting product back out, and it was utilised by the same family, the Hobmas, until 1978. At this point, it was renamed Twee Gebroeders and used for light charter work until being brought to the UK, where it was used by a tarot card reader on the Thames and a subsequent owner had tales of racing and winning cups. Since then, Twee Gebroeders has led a somewhat more laidback lifestyle as one of our premier Holiday Barges!

Onderneming at Snape Maltings

Onderneming is based just outside Snape Maltings


Onderneming is our late-1800s Barge moored on the River Alde at Snape Maltings. Almost 100ft in length and 18ft wide, Onderneming is a grand vessel worthy of its name, which means ‘Enterprise’ or ‘Uptaking’ in English. Inspiring and motivational words have been used throughout history in the naming of sailing vessels; the famous ship HMS Victory springs to mind, but of course it has nothing on the majestic Boaty McBoatface.

Suffolk Holiday Cottages at Woodfarm barns


Our Dog-Friendly, Luxury Holiday Cottages are named The Granary Barn, Alde Barn, Deben Barn, Gipping Barn, Orwell Barn and Stour Barn. The latter five are named after rivers in Suffolk, which all make for stunning day trips while you’re staying with us. The Granary Barn is a converted 300 year-old grain barn, and has been named accordingly. 

Suffolk Holiday Cottages with Last Minute Breaks

Woodfarm House, which is located on the same site as our Barns, is a 15th century thatched cottage. It kept its original name, which was also the inspiration for the Woodfarm brand name. 

Woodfarm Tuscany - Trebbio

Our Tuscan Villa, Trebbio


Recently, the Woodfarm empire branched out to Tuscany, Italy, where our Luxury, Dog-Friendly Countryside Villa resides. Renovation is hopefully soon to be completed on this beautiful Italian cottage, which kept its original name, Trebbio. The name basically means ‘threshing machine’ in Italian, which refers to the property’s agricultural roots, as a threshing machine separates grain from corn.

Now that you know the reasoning behind the Woodfarm name and our fantastic Barges, Barns and Tuscan Villa, we hope it makes you feel a little more ‘in touch’ with us and maybe even compels you to book a stay! If so, we would love you to take a look at our Historic, Dog-Friendly Barges and Luxury Holiday Cottages. You can also find out more about our Luxury Villa in Tuscany, Italy, here.