Recommend a friend and shop at Harrods!

by Carl Scott, February 2, 2017

Fancy a little extra spending money from us on your next trip to Harrods? Recommend a friend and cash in

We all love to share great experiences with our family and friends. No I’m not talking about Harrods but Woodfarm; with hundreds of Five Star TripAdvisor and Facebook reviews behind us, we have benefited from this for many years when our happy guests recommend a friend

We’ve always found that happy guests recommend us. For nothing! However, we do like to reward this kind act and show our gratitude

For a number of years we have had our John Lewis Vouchers Scheme, rewarding referrals by giving £10 per night booked by your friend, up to a maximum of £40. This has been very well received by you but we thought we’d have a change and up the ‘Luxury’ ante a little. So now we’ll give you up to £50 to spend at Harrods!

YRecommend Woodfarm Barns for a Harrods Gift Cardou can even give them away as a present if you want to!

Let us explain;

Simply recommend a friend and make sure they tell us your name at the time they book, and we will send you a Harrods Gift Card after their stay, to the value of £10 for every night they stay, up to a maximum of £50!


If they book a two night weekend break, you’ll get a £20 Gift Card.

If they book a three night weekend break, you’ll get a £30 Gift Card.

If they book a four night midweek break then you’ll get a £40 Gift Card!

If they book a five night midweek break then you’ll get a whopping £50 Gift Card!

And don’t forget, you can shop online so you don’t have to live near London! 

I’m sorry but we cannot award these vouchers retrospectively.  We are always grateful when our happy customers recommend us and do so willingly. We have always promoted our scheme on the website, in our welcome folders, leaflets in all cottages and also in our follow up emails so we’ve really done all we can to let you know you can be rewarded. We can’t do it afterwards though as that defeats the object of the incentive!

I’m afraid we can’t award them if we have offered a discounted deal for a shorter break than usual either as this is done to help a guest who can’t come for the usual length of the booking so we’ve impacted our revenue for them