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How to reduce plastic waste on your Suffolk holiday

Felixstowe beach

I can sense that we’re getting closer, albeit very, very slowly, to a plastic-free future. Wouldn’t it be so much nicer if we watched the news and instead of shorelines littered with tonnes of plastic bottles and crisp packets, we saw crystal clear waters, golden sands and abundant wildlife?

Well, until the powers that be make some pretty hefty decisions about the rate at which they produce and dispose of un-recyclable waste, it’s up to smaller businesses like us and people such as you to make small changes to help the greater good.

It’s easy to reduce your plastic waste at home; however, have you thought about becoming more eco-friendly on your holidays?

Being based in Suffolk, we would like to preserve the beauty of our county, which is why we’ve come up with four easy ways to reduce plastic waste over on our Woodfarm Barns blog. With just a few positive decisions, you can play a part in maintaining and even improving our region’s environment, without making any big sacrifices to how you enjoy your holiday.

Head to the blog now for our tips! And make sure you take a look at our luxury, dog-friendly barges and holiday cottages if Suffolk sounds like the perfect getaway location to you.