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Holiday Postcards from Suffolk – with stamps!

Holiday Postcards from Suffolk

Holiday Postcards are as quintessentially English as it gets, and we’ve been giving them away to Woodfarm guests for years. But now we’ve got some new ones and we’ve decided to go the extra mile and even put stamps on for you!

Holiday Postcards from Suffolk with stamps onEven with the advent of social media, we all know that holiday postcards are still very much part of our break. Maybe they won’t be one day but let’s live for today!

We designed our own postcards years ago and our guests at Woodfarm Barns have been sending them to their friends and family for yonks.

We’ve just updated them and added the barges into the mix and have decided to even give you a few with First Class stamps on!

Who gives you extra? 

We do! We’ve built a reputation over the years, firstly with Woodfarm Barns, and then with Woodfarm Barges since 2017, for going the extra mile. We try to think of all the little touches to make your holiday or short break special. We provide 100% cotton bedding, all your towels & tea towels. You have luxury hand soap and washing up liquid, shower gel and shampoo. We leave tea, coffee (fresh & instant) and sugar. On top of all that we give all out guests a scrummy Suffolk breakfast basket too!

 Send our Holiday Postcards from Suffolk

And now with our new holiday postcards we are putting stamps on a few for you so you can send them to your loved ones and tell them what a great time you’re having.

Yes of course you can post your photos on Facebook and Twitter, or share them with friends on Whatsapp. But there’s no substitute for sending someone a postcard and saying “Wish you were here”.

So please take five minutes out to write, with an actual pen (yes, we provide those too) and drop a quick line to your friends and family, just to say hi. I used to send my Mum and Dad postcards and just write “Weather is here, wish you were lovely”. That joke never got less funny. In my head anyway!

Holiday Postcard PostboxAnd on top of this, at Woodfarm Barns we even have a postbox on the bike shed now, especially for your postcards!

Simply write your postcards out and we’ll take them to Postman Pat for you! Yep, we’ve really given you extra! You might have to write them though. Or for 50p a card you can dictate them to me and I’ll write them (I made that bit up, I think we’ve already proven that we go the extra mile!)

Anyway, by all means post your holiday pics on Facechat, Instabook and Snapper. It really does help us, particularly if you tag Woodfarm Barns or Woodfarm Barges. But grab a postcard or three and make someone smile when one lands on their doormat.

Right, now what can we think of to make your stay even better…..