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Dive into history in the Castles of Suffolk

Bungay; Castles of Suffolk near our holiday cottage barges

With its rich farming lands and its proximity to the continent, our area has needed the Castles of Suffolk to watch over and protect us for any centuries.

Castles of Suffolk near our holiday cottage bargesTherefore the Castles of Suffolk afford us some of the best maintained and most impressive Castles in the UK.

So when you’re enjoying the wonderful rivers of Suffolk, why not make landfall once in a while to visit some of them?

One of these Castles has recently been made world famous by Suffolk’s own superstar Ed Sheeran, whose recent hit song ‘Castle On A Hill’ was written about one of our most impressive Castles, which is to be found in Framingham (Ed’s home town).

Framlingham Castle much deserves its recent elevation in fame. It’s an idyllic structure, majestically dominating the skyline in the lovely town and it’s just a 20 minute drive from Twee Gebroeders in Woodbridge.

Superbly maintained by the English Heritage, Framlingham Castle is every bit as imposing and impressive as when it was used by Mary Tudor in 1547 as she awaited news of King Henry VIII’s death. It has since been used as a poorhouse, a prison and a school. Nowadays the Castle pays host to visitors from all over the world.

For more information to help you plan your visit to Framlingham Castle check out the official website here 

Castles of Suffolk near our holiday cottage bargesHowever Framlingham isn’t the only town to play host to one of our wonderful Castles of Suffolk. Orford Castle has a fantastically well maintained and uniquely designed keep. Climb all the way to the top and you’ll be rewarded with stunning views over the village of Orford and Orford Ness, towards the sea. Again, just a short drive from Woodbridge.

The website for Orford Castle can be found here

Less well maintained, but nevertheless fascinating and important, Castles of Suffolk include: Bungay Castle erected in the 12th Centre, the remains of the Norman Fortress know as Clare Castle and the 11th century motte and bailey built upon an intact Saxon mound in Eye. A lovely trip across country from either of our holiday cottage barges and you must visit the Earsham Street Deli whilst you are there for some amazing local produce! Just tell them you are staying in a Woodfarm Barge!