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Deben Leisure Centre for staying active

Deben Leisure Centre

The Deben Leisure Centre is a superb gymming and swimming facility in Woodbridge and available for our guests to use whilst they are staying aboard our barges (or barns)

Deben leisure centre gymThe Deben Leisure Centre is a short walk from Twee Gebroeders in Woodbridge and only a 20 minute drive from Onderneming so if you’d like to keep your gym or swim routine up during your stay then this is the place for you as you can ‘pay and play’.

It’s an excellent facility in what was the old local authority swimming pool building. It’s had a £3.5m facelift and the is open for business for day visitors and members alike. It’s now part of the ‘Places Leisure’ group with a presence all over the country but as far as we are concerned, they have an excellent facility here for us to tap into.

Deben leisure centre in WoodbridgeSo many people like to maintain their usual fitness routine whilst away on holiday. We don’t have gyms aboard our barges but we do have the next best thing, The Deben Leisure Centre.

The gym is well equipped with all brand new equipment in June 2018; a great range of cardio, free weights and resistance machines. There’s also the usual TVs with subtitles on the walls, as well as built into the cardio equipment; basically everything you could want.

The pool is usually split into three lanes in the morning when I go; slow, medium and fast lanes so just pick whichever one you’re able to enjoy. After a session in the gym my arms won’t let me get in the fast lane!

The Deben leisure centre is open from 6am until 10pm during the week and from 7am until 8pm at the weekend so there’s really no excuse for the keen staycationer!

Anyone can use the pool for £4.75 per visit and the gym for £10.20 per visit