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Christmas Holiday Barge Advert

Christmas Holiday Barge

Christmas Holiday Barge search in full swing? Sorry but we can’t help as our barges (and our cottages) are full again this year. Have a read though if you’d like to know how the grey matter works in the Woodfarm Marketing Team!

Well it’s that time again in Christmas Holiday Barge land. The kids get excited in October. Grown ups get all worked up by the end of November. Then as the days tick by, it just turns into a frenzy. 

Yep, you got it… the fever pitch anticipation ahead of the release of the annual Woodfarm Christmas ad has the whole Nation, if not the entire planet, chomping at the bit!

We do tend to invest a bit less on our Christmas Holiday Barge ad than John Lewis do on theirs, but we know it always has the head-honcho’s there getting themselves in a tizz as we outdo them every year without fail, on a much lower budget than theirs! I think we spent £6.20 this year.

We’ve not actually done as ‘advert’ as such this year because both of our Barges, and all seven of our Barns are booked for Christmas and New Year.  We just thought we’d take the opportunity to have a laugh instead. And I can assure you, we did! (Even if I look miserable) 

So here is the OFFICIAL (but jolly cheap) Woodfarm Barges & Barns overly emotional, tear-jerking Christmas Ad 2018. Click below or go to YouTube here.

We’ve had another incredible year, so we just wanted to say a proper ‘Thank You’ to all those who’ve stayed, returned, and recommended us to friend and family. We seem to keep doing our thing and our guests seem to like what we do.

I hope all your preparations go well and you enjoy our Christmas Holiday Barge ad!