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What to do at Dunwich Heath

Dunwich beach sunset

Often called ‘the lost city of England’, the historic village of Dunwich on the coast of Suffolk is worth a visit for its heath, beach and ruins

If you’re after a family day out or a walk with the dog, Dunwich is an excellent place to visit. A half-hour drive from our Onderneming barge at Snape Maltings, and 35 minutes from Twee Gebroeders at Tidemill, Dunwich is easily accessible for a day trip of any length.

But what is there to do in this village of less than 200 people? Plenty, actually! For such a small area, it is brimming with activities. Here are some ideas of what you could do on your trip to Dunwich.

Greyfriars priory
The ruins of Greyfriars Priory are some of the most complete ruins found in Dunwich – © Copyright Rob Noble and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence.

Absorb the history

Dunwich was once the capital of the Kingdom of the East Angles during the Anglo-Saxon period. A bustling town, its size at its height made it England’s 10th largest town! However, it was battered by annual storms, eroding the coast until its buildings began falling into the sea – you could call it Britain’s Atlantis.

Though much of the old Dunwich is now underwater, you can still find ruins dotted around the village and surrounding area. This includes Greyfriars, a Franciscan friary founded before 1277; a medieval leper hospital; and the last grave of the ill-fated All Saints’ Church, which lies 15 feet from the edge of the cliff on which the church once stood.

If it’s raining and you don’t feel like wandering around ruins, visit the village museum, which details Dunwich’s incredible history in the comfort of a cosy indoor space.

Explore the Heath

With its vivid purple heathers and coastal wind-beaten paths, the Heath is ripe for exploring. Bring along your dog and walk one of the many trails which can be downloaded beforehand or requested at the Visitor Information Centre.

There’s plenty of wildlife to spot at Dunwich Heath. Visit the pond, where you can get to know common newts, intriguing water scorpions and even water stick insects. You’ll also be able to spot many different types of birds, including one of Britain’s rarest: the stone curlew, which recently began nesting at the Heath again.

Dunwich beach
Dunwich Beach allows dogs all year round

Enjoy the beach

Dunwich beach is dog-friendly all year round. This is perfect for dogs who love running up and down long stretches of shore and splashing about in the water.

Wood at Dunwich BeachEncourage your kids to look after our fragile beaches with a mini beach clean, before enjoying a hard-earned ice cream at the Flora Tea Rooms. If you’re after something heartier, try the renowned Ship at Dunwich, which sources ingredients from local producers, farmers and fishermen for its seasonal menus. It’s a dog-friendly pub, so feel free to bring along your furry friend and enjoy a delicious meal.


We hope you enjoy your visit to Dunwich Heath! Don’t forget that our luxury, dog-friendly Suffolk barges are within easy reach of this beautiful part of the county. We also have seven luxury, dog-friendly cottages at Woodfarm Barns, some of which have large, private hot tubs! Our cottages are a 45-minute drive away from Dunwich. Bring your dog and enjoy all that the Suffolk countryside has to offer.

'Onderneming'. A great place to stay near Dunwich
‘Onderneming’. A great place to stay near Dunwich
'Twee Gebroeders' in Woodbridge. A romantic break near Dunwich
‘Twee Gebroeders’ in Woodbridge. A romantic break near Dunwich
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A dog-friendly day trip to Felixstowe

Felixstowe pier

Suffolk boasts many old-worldly seaside towns which still offer remnants of the heyday of British staycations. One example is Felixstowe, a dog-friendly destination with plenty of quirks.

From its century-old pier adorned with jangling penny machines and ice cream stands, to its pristine four-mile-long promenade and stunning Martello towers, Felixstowe succeeds at protecting its history. Here, you’ll find a town which has seen many small renovations over the years, but which has remained largely the same in terms of its general landscape and size.

However, being the largest container port in the UK, Felixstowe is growing faster than ever before and the townscape is gradually changing to accommodate a younger, more switched-on and increasingly metropolitan audience. This means that alongside the town’s historic architecture and vintage quirks sits a rising restaurant and cafe scene, attractive housing developments and a highly accessible high street with plenty of promise.

With this in mind, Felixstowe is an ideal day trip destination for a range of ages and interests – including those with dogs! If you’re planning on staying in one of our beautiful dog-friendly Dutch barges, you can easily reach Felixstowe by car. The town is 23 miles from our Onderneming barge at Snape Maltings and just 13 miles from Twee Gebroeders at Tidemill in Woodbridge.

Here’s a few ideas on how to spend your dog-friendly day trip to the coastal town of Felixstowe.

Dog-friendly activities in Felixstowe

Felixstowe prom
Take your dog for a stroll along Felixstowe prom

Hit the prom

Dogs are prohibited on Felixstowe beach during May to September, but you can take your canine friend for a stroll along the prom all year round. The town is blessed with a wide promenade which makes it easy to keep your dog away from others if it’s nervous. On the other hand, there are enough dog walkers along this seaside walk that if you’re open to your dog making some friends, he or she will certainly have no problem!

The prom is approximately four miles long, stretching from the pretty hamlet of Felixstowe Ferry to Martello Park at the other end of the town. If you reach the end of the prom and head down Manor Terrace, you can access the nature reserve and walk to Landguard Point, the most southerly point of Suffolk.

Felixstowe pier
Sit outside at the restaurant at the pier

Along the prom, you’ll also find the historic pier, the heart of Felixstowe’s seaside town charm. The pier’s most recent renovation saw a complete overhaul of the amusements, which are now housed in a modern structure complete with a restaurant, and a boardwalk running around the entire building – perfect for sipping a pint of local brew Adnams whilst the sun sets. You can sit outside on the boardwalk with your dog, too.

The Spa Pavilion at Felixstowe
Marvel at Felixstowe’s historic theatre on the seafront and sit outside with a coffee and cake

Further up are the Spa Gardens. Located next to the Spa Pavilion, an entertainment venue which first opened in 1909, the gardens recently received lottery funding to undergo extensive regeneration. Today, you can wander through manicured lawns and a selection of colourful, abundant and well-kept blooms in an easily accessible area. Walk your dog through the gardens and watch the goldfish frolick in the ponds, or play a game of fetch followed by an ice cream from ‘The Hut’ nearby on the prom.

The Spa Gardens at Felixstowe
Walk through the beautiful Spa Gardens and play a game of fetch

Grab a bite to eat

We mentioned the pier, but there are lots of excellent restaurants and cafes around Felixstowe – many of which are dog-friendly!

The Alex, Felixstowe
Enjoy the sun at The Alex on Felixstowe seafront

The Alex is a great example. Just a stone’s throw from the beach, The Alex is favoured by locals and visitors alike for its casual atmosphere and proximity to the shoreline. You can enjoy the sunshine whilst sitting outside the front of the bistro with your pooch. We recommend trying the nachos, or the generous portions of fish and chips.

Delphine's Diner, Felixstowe
Delphine’s Diner is dog-friendly, inside and out!

Just a two minute walk away from The Alex sits Delphine’s American diner, a spacious, dog-friendly restaurant with a retro theme and menu to match. Park up at your table and enjoy tunes from the fifties while you sip on your milkshake and tuck into a hamburger. The service is friendly and attentive, and there’s an extensive menu for vegetarians!

Head further into town to Felixstowe’s very own vegan cafe, The Greenhouse. Green by name and green by nature, this cafe offers a diverse range of delicious options with a heavy focus on locally sourced goods. It’s also dog-friendly! You can either sit inside with your pup and enjoy the charming interiors and the smell of the cafe’s iconic ‘nossage’ rolls (veggie sausage rolls), or watch the world go by at one of the small tables outside the front.

Stop by The Grove

Behind the modern Grove Medical Centre, you’ll find a large park and wood with a quiet walking trail leading to Old Felixstowe. This area is commonly known as The Grove, and it’s a popular area for dog walkers. Here, there is a choice in terrain, from the leaf strewn paths of the wood, to the open, grassy football fields, to the quiet country track. You may also spot a range of birds, including goldfinches, greenfinches and green woodpeckers, as well as a variety of butterflies.

How to get to Felixstowe

The locals say that there’s ‘one road in and one road out’ when it comes to Felixstowe – and they’re right. The town is surrounded by water on three sides and can only be accessed via the A14. However, the drive to Felixstowe is a very pleasant one, cutting through farmlands on a smooth dual carriageway. You’ll know you’ve hit Felixstowe when you see the iconic water tower which sits at the edge of town on the Dock Spur Roundabout; from there, it’s just a few more minutes to the beach!

As we mentioned at the beginning of this blog post, Felixstowe is an easy drive from our barges in Woodbridge and Snape Maltings. It’s also a short distance from our luxury dog-friendly holiday cottages in Stonham Aspal – so whatever your accommodation, you’re never too far away!

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Newbourne dog walking trail with views galore

River Deben on the Newbourne dog walking trail

For scenic views of the river and countryside and a delicious pub meal, head to the small-but-charming village of Newbourne with your dog and venture on this easy circular walking trail around the nearby parishes.

Newbourne is just a 15-minute drive from our Twee Gebroeders barge at The Tidemill in Woodbridge, and 30 minutes from our Onderneming barge at Snape Maltings. 

Here, you’ll find a dog walking trail which takes you through the villages and parishes of this area, encompassing expansive countryside and riverside views. The walk takes you past two dog-friendly pubs which present the opportunity to rest your tired feet and indulge in excellent Suffolk pub fare.

You’ll also stumble across a range of architecture and historic buildings, including a house which was once occupied by two famous giants!

We cover this must-do Newbourne dog walking trail step by step on our Woodfarm Barns blog. Click here to read the post.

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Explore Suffolk in a canoe

Iken Cliff

Our dog-friendly, Suffolk-based, 19th century Dutch sailing barges may be static on their respective rivers, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t take to the water to see Suffolk!

The River Alde
Sunrise on the beautiful River Alde

The River Alde – © Copyright Roger Jones and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence

When you’re staying with Woodfarm Barges, think of your accommodation as a static luxury holiday cottage on a stunning waterway. You get all the benefits of a relaxing river stay, without requiring any experience in sailing – simply hop aboard via the gangplank and you’re set!

If, however, you would like to try your hand at navigating a Suffolk river, head to the nearby Iken Canoe hire for canoes, kayaks and stand-up paddleboards. Just a four-minute drive away from our Onderneming barge and 20 minutes away from Twee Gebroeders, Iken Canoe is situated at Iken Cliff, a stunning location in the Alde Estuary.

Iken Cliff
Iken Cliff was once a bustling trade passage

View from Iken Cliff – © Copyright Dave Thompson and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence.

In the 18th and 19th centuries, Iken Cliff used to see a host of activity in the form of trade barges transporting corn into London. Now, however, things are much quieter, making it the perfect place to set off on a journey to explore the river in all its natural beauty.

Canoe hire in Suffolk

Are you an avid watersports participant? Or perhaps you’re just looking for a relaxing glide down the river. Either way, Iken Canoe can kit you out with everything you need to enjoy this unique method of discovering Suffolk.

As their name suggests, Iken Canoe offer easy-to-paddle Canadian canoes, which are suitable for most abilities. They also offer kayaks for the more adventurous of visitors, stand-up paddleboards for the well-balanced, and katakunas, which are catamaran-canoe hybrids that can take up to six people. So whether you’re travelling with family or friends, or you just want to head out for a quiet sail with your partner, Iken Canoe is the place to go.

With your canoe hire, you’ll also be given a buoyancy aid, paddles and a dry bag for expensive gear like phones and cameras – after all that last thing you’d want is for that pretty river sunset selfie to end up at the bottom of the Alde! Iken Canoe will brief you on safety precautions before your journey, and they can also give you plenty of advice on the best spots along the river.

Canoeing in Suffolk on the River Alde

The River Alde stretches from a tiny stream in the ancient village of Laxfield, past Snape Maltings and Aldeburgh, and eventually turns into the River Ore as it reaches Orford and flows out to the North Sea. Although it’s extremely unlikely that you’ll sail the whole thing in a canoe, there is plenty to see in the parts of the river which are more accessible.

This part of Suffolk is an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Along your journey, you’ll see many different types of wildlife that rarely pop up in other parts of the county. For example, did you know that you can see seals along the River Alde? The common seal can sometimes be found lazing on the mud flats in this area – and they’re not hard to spot! Being at the top of the food chain in Suffolk rivers, seals have little to fear and have been known to indulge their curiosities upon seeing boats and canoes by swimming right up to the vessels. There was even an instance on the River Deben where a seal decided to hop onto a rowing boat for a leisurely trip upstream.

Common Seal
You might see one of these along your journey!

Common seal – © Copyright Anne Burgess and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence.

Birds are by far one of the most common types of animals you’ll see on your canoe trip. However, these aren’t any old birds; keep an eye out for avocets (black and white with long legs and bills), marsh harriers (medium-sized, brown birds of prey), curlews (brown with long, down-curved bills) and more.

If you have great eyesight or even hearing, you may be able to spot an otter nearby. Listen out for a subtle splash as otters slip into the water from the riverbanks, or look out for their footprints in the mud to get an idea of where these happy semi-aquatic mammals might appear. Unlike seals, otters don’t really like to be seen and take advantage of their ability for stealth, so you have to be on high alert if you want to spot one!

Stay with Woodfarm Barges while you explore Suffolk

Woodfarm Barges is the perfect location for your Suffolk holiday. Whether you adore active holidays and want to get out on the river with Iken Canoe right away, or you just like sitting back and admiring the scenery, book one of our luxury, dog-friendly barges and stay in the best location for access to rural Suffolk activities.

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Woodfarm Barges’ favourite Woodbridge restaurants

The Galley, Woodbridge, Suffolk

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as stimulating your tastebuds with some delicious local cuisine while on holiday – and Woodbridge in Suffolk has some great options.

Visit this small, quintessentially English town, which is situated on the doorstep of our Twee Gebroeders barge, or just a 20 minute drive away from our Onderneming barge at Snape Maltings. Here, you’ll not only find traditional shops and picturesque walks along the river, but also a number of excellent restaurants.

Some might find it surprising that such a small town in rural Suffolk has so much to offer in terms of eating out, but the truth is that Woodbridge has access to some of the best local producers that the county has to offer, as well as top chefs who know just what to do with the produce itself!

Here is a selection of Woodbridge restaurants that receive the Woodfarm seal of approval:

The Galley, Woodbridge, Suffolk
The Galley in Woodbridge is known for its excellent service, artistic decor and local food


The Galley

For fine dining, The Galley comes highly recommended. Once a brewhouse during the time of the Napoleonic War, the historic charm of the building is evident throughout the restaurant. There’s even a nod to Woodbridge’s naval heritage in the form of an exposed beam of wood from a ship.

Owner Ugur Vata’s love of art brings a tasteful hint of eclecticism to the scene. Look out for a Picasso lithograph and Salvador Dalí plates on display, plus a collection of work by local artists. Even the menu cover was commissioned.

When it comes to food, The Galley’s ever-changing menu means you’ll be able to try a unique dish each time you visit. However, one thing you can be sure of is that the restaurant makes good use of local produce, including locally caught fish.

For special occasions and large groups, we recommend booking one of the private dining rooms for a more exclusive experience. The private dining room upstairs is bright and airy and seats up to 14 people, while the wine cellar downstairs seats up to 30.

Visit the website here.

The Table, Woodbridge, Suffolk
Spend a summer’s afternoon in the courtyard at The Table – you won’t regret it!


The Table

Traditional brasserie restaurant The Table has served Woodbridge for over 50 years. Housed in a charming 16th century building, this restaurant encourages a relaxed dining experience with non-pretentious, high quality food.

In the summer, try and get a seat in the courtyard, with its pretty floral displays and English cottage aesthetic. You’ll want to spend all afternoon there!

The Table prides itself on its close relationships with local producers. You’ll find a menu full of fresh, local ingredients, which heavily influence the daily menu changes.

Try a curry at The Table; the team are working with local growers to source unusual Far Eastern vegetables to enhance the flavours of their curries. They’ve even developed their own range of award-winning curry pastes for you to use at home.

Visit the website here.

The Riverside, Woodbridge, Suffolk
Take a trip to this Michelin listed restaurant, and see a film in the same building!


The Riverside

The Riverside isn’t just a cinema; its in-house restaurant is surprisingly brilliant (Surprising in that it’s part of a cinema!). It appears in Which’s Good Food Guide and is Michelin listed, while also being recommended by The Financial Times.

Inside you’ll find stylish decor and dimmed lighting, perfect for a romantic evening out. Without being too expensive, the daily written menus offer a plethora of incredible dishes, from lunch through to supper.

Enjoy local favourites such as Dingley Dell pork and Deben seabass alongside mouth watering foods from further afield like Devon crab. And after all that, why not watch a film?

Visit the website here.

The Turks Head, Hasketon, Suffolk
The Turks Head: A ‘proper country pub’


The Turks Head

Located just outside Woodbridge in the small rural village of Hasketon, this self-dubbed ‘proper country pub’ is an easy drive or just under an hour’s walk away from the gangplank of Twee Gebroeders or a 25 minute drive from Onderneming.

Dogs are welcome in the bar and snug at The Turks Head, so if you’re popping in for a pint with your pup, this is the perfect pitstop! The pub is known for local ales and an extensive gin and wine list, so you’re in good hands.

The menu consists of hearty and high quality dishes which, like other establishments on this list, includes a local touch. However, you’ll see that these ingredients aren’t just served as you’d expect them. For example, the Tandoori Sutton Hoo chicken mixes one of the county’s most delicious free range chicken products with a taste of India. Exciting stuff!

Visit the website here.

The Grundisburgh Dog, Suffolk
The Grundisburgh Dog has just won Pub of the Year!


The Grundisburgh Dog

As its name suggests, The Grundisburgh Dog is a dog-friendly pub, and your furry friend is welcome in the pub, restaurant and gardens. They’ve even won the award of UK Dog-Frendly Pub of the Year!

Located in the village of Grundisburgh, this splendid pub and restaurant is 12 minutes by car from Twee Gebroeders and a half hour’s drive from Onderneming.

The pub offers a vast range of craft and cask beers and ales, as well as a bespoke gin and tonic menu. If that wasn’t enough, the restaurant menu will have you salivating. Think slow cooked pork belly, pan-fried gurnard and more; plus, they proudly cater for intolerances and special diets.

The Grundisburgh Dog have just won Pub of the Year in the Suffolk Food and Drink Awards, so make this a ‘must-do’ on your list!

Visit the website here.

Stay with Woodfarm Barges and experience the taste of Suffolk

We hope that you’ll choose to stay with us when you embark on your Suffolk food journey, as the location of our barges makes it very easy to access many of the best restaurants in the county’s portfolio. Take a look at our dog-friendly Onderneming and Twee Gebroeders barges now and don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like to arrange a stay.

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Snape Maltings Open Barge Day

Onderneming at Snape Maltings

Snape Maltings is a cultural Mecca in Suffolk and we are holding an  ‘Open Barge’ day on Sunday 19th August aboard our recently relocated Dutch Holiday Barge to give you all the opportunity to come and have a look around before you book. PLUS we will give a discount voucher to everyone who comes and the chance to WIN a FREE BREAK!!

Snape Maltings. Home to OndernemingOpen Barge is like an Open House. But on a Barge. At Snape Maltings; we’re not rocket scientists!

We are so pleased to be working with Snape Maltings and to give our guests the chance to take a well earned family break, or a chilled getaway with friends aboard our fabulous Barge. Having appeared on ITV in June 2018, The Times Travel Section in February 2018, and Dog-Friendly Magazine in June 2018, we are well poised to be offering guests the most unique stay. And Snape Maltings is arguably one of the best places in Suffolk to enjoy the stay.

Not only can you come and have a look around before you book, but we will have a Golden Dog Bowl of Discounts, as well one Golden Ticket for a FREE BREAK aboard our beautiful Dutch Barge. We will have a Discount Voucher for EVERY party so take a lucky dip and see how much you will get off your next Onderneming break! They’ll vary from £25 to £250! Not only that, there will be a Golden Ticket in there for a completely FREE BREAK!!!!

Snape Maltings is an unparalleled visitor destination and one of the world’s leading centres of music. Having started with the Aldeburgh Festival it has grown over the years and we will be writing so much more about this over the coming months.

Onderneming at Snape MaltingsAs far as our guests are concerned on an every day basis, Snape Maltings offers a wonderful range of independent shops, cafe’s and galleries, as well as a great Suffolk pub and amazing walks.

There’s so much available online for you to see what the area has to offer but we wanted to mark the move to Snape Maltings with a unique opportunity to have a look around inside ‘Onderneming’ too! You’ll be able to come aboard and have a look around the social areas, as well as bedrooms and bathrooms too.

On top of that we’ll feed and water you too!

Please drop me a line to let me know you’re coming, so we can have an idea of visitors. Email me (carl) on…..

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Snape Maltings and Woodfarm Barges!

Snape Maltings and Onderneming

We are absolutely over the moon to bring you some incredible news about Onderneming. As of 21st July 2018 she will be moored at the iconic Snape Maltings!

Snape Maltings. Home to OndernemingLocation, Location, Location! Pin Mill has been a great location for us in the year since we purchased the barge, but we’ve been looking for somewhere with more to offer our guests. And with Snape Maltings, we’ve come up trumps!

The plan is that in July 2018 we are to be moving Onderneming to Snape Maltings, slightly further up the coast. It will offer much better access to Aldeburgh (6 miles away), Southwold, Orford, Thorpeness etc. This is just the most amazing news for us and we know that that the move is going to make Onderneming one of the best places to stay in Suffolk!

Onderneming in The Times, now at Snape MaltingsIt’s been a phenomenal first year with her featuring in The Times “Best Unusual Holiday Houses in the UK’ list, not to mention our appearance on Anglia TV. The move to Snape Maltings is absolutely the icing on the cake!

We spend all our time finding the very best things for our guests to see and do and Snape Maltings is by far and away, one of the best things that Suffolk has to offer! We are delighted to say that they have also embraced our ‘Preferred Partners Programme’ and our guests will be able to get 10% off may of the things on offer there!

It’s an unparalleled mooring on the quayside with allocated parking and you will have wonderful walks along the river, directly from the quay. It’s such a tranquil location still but with so much more to see and do, as you will see;

Woodfarm Barges at Snape MaltingsThe real winner about Snape Maltings is that it is a very up-market range of retail and leisure facilities, incorporating a fabulous pub called The Plough & Sail, and a superb range of shops all within a five minute walk. These include a food hall, home & garden, books & cards, gifts & crafts etc. You can see them all HERE.

We will be writing about so much of this in the months to come but rest assured the barge remains the perfect luxury getaway that she has always been but the location has had an upgrade!

Onderneming at Snape MaltingsIn summary you will have everything you need right on your doorstep, yet you are still on a beautiful river, with stunning views and the tranquillity of the Suffolk countryside.

The location also has much better access to the very best of our amazing heritage coast should you wish to venture out too, though with everything on offer at Snape Maltings, you’ll barely need to!

Best you hurry and get yourselves booked in!

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ITV & Woodfarm Barges (I’m on the telly!)

Pets Pyjamas Winners also on ITV

So there I was aboard Onderneming last week and ITV turned up! I was happy minding my own business when reporters Kate Prout and Becky Jago turned up and said hi!

ITV reporters Kate Prout and Becky Jago

They were in Suffolk filming a piece on dog walking in Suffolk as part of the ITV series ‘Tales & Trails; Dog Walks in East Anglia’. They’d stumbled across us online as somewhere dog walkers could stay and enjoy some luxury whilst their dogs could enjoy some nice walks so they thought they’d pop along and have a look.
I did always dream of being on your screens as a rock star but at the age of 53 that seems to have eluded me! However, I have now appeared on ITV in my other persona as the owner of a luxury Holiday Cottage and Barge business so I’m happy with that!

We have had some amazing publicity this year, what with Onderneming featuring in The Times “Most unusual Holiday Houses in Britain”, and Twee Gebroeders featuring in their list of “Love Nests: Great Places for Two”. On top of that we had a fabulous 6 page spread in Dog Friendly Magazine, featuring our Barns and also a stay aboard Onderneming. You can read all about that one HERE

I’m so pleased that our Barges have taken off in the year since I added them to the business but didn’t imagine we’d have this much publicity!

ITV reporter Becky Jago aboard OndernemingBecky was behind the camera this time, just learning how that side of the industry works, as she’s normally presenting on ITV. Kate was doing the grilling in front of the camera with me. I thought they’d just pop on board and ask me a few questions but they had a really good look around, shot lots of footage and stayed for a good natter afterwards. They made it great fun and kept me as calm as I could be! Becky loved it so much she booked a stay!

Maybe I’ll be on the Old Grey Whistle Test or Top of The Pops next week? (showing my age!)
Click this link and scroll to the second picture. Click and watch the video. We’re on at 1 minute 35 secs. A sneaky peak around one of our barges on ITV.
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Photography and Suffolk in perfect harmony

Ramsholt in Suffolk. Gill Moon Photography

Great photography requires real skills, and landscape photographer Gill Moon has them in spades!

When I met Gill, it was as the previous owner of one of our beautiful Dutch Barges ‘Twee Gebroeders’. It was only when we’d shaken on a deal that I realised her passion for photography. This image is one of my favourite examples of Gill’s photography. This is Twee Gebroeders, when she was on the River Orwell.

Photography in Suffolk by Gill Moon - Twee GebroedersAnd now, we all have the opportunity to admire her work as she presents a collection of images showcasing the beauty and diversity of the Suffolk Coast. Here’s another of my faves. What a stunning image of Southwold Pier! (I normally show images smaller on my blog posts but I can’t bring myself to reduce these!!!)

Suffolk Photography by Gill Moon‘Suffolk Seen – Images of Suffolk’ is an exhibition of some of Gill’s work and I strongly advise you to take some time out to go and feast your eyes on the very best that Suffolk has to offer, courtesy of Gill’s lens!

The exhibition will draw on her love of the sea and a passion for the natural landscape.

From the buzz of the Port of Felixstowe to the tranquility of the Blyth estuary the exhibition features images from a variety of landscapes within the Suffolk Coast and Heaths AONB and tells a story of this ever changing landscape through a series of waterscapes, landscapes and sailing images.

We both share a love of the water so it does feature in Gill’s images. Here’s an amazing view of the River Deben at Ramsholt, where I spend as much of my spare time as I can.

Ramsholt in Suffolk. Photography by Gill MoonGill is a freelance photographer based in Woodbridge. She specialises in landscapes waterscapes, and marine photography and is passionate about promoting a connection with the environment through her work.

The exhibition will run for 1 week at the new ARTSPACE Gallery, 64 Thoroughfare, Woodbridge IP12 1AL,Suffolk

Opening from midday Thursday 26th October to 4pm Wednesday 1st November including Sunday.

And…. You can buy Gill’s work! More information about Gill and her work can be found on her website

Venue details can be found HERE

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River Cruise from our Barges or Barns

Fancy taking a Suffolk River Cruise when you’re staying at our Barges or Barns? Then the Jahan from Deben Cruises is a perfect way to spend a couple of hours

River Cruise aboard MV JahanThis River Cruise operates from the tiny little Suffolk hamlet of Waldringfield where you’ll be welcomed aboard the MV (Motor Vessel) Jahan for a 2 hour journey by boat along the beautiful river Deben.

Your River Cruise will take you around one of the most scenic and stunning spots on Suffolk’s Heritage Coast. The Deben Estuary is tidal and is a Special Protection Area within one of our two local AONB’s (Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty). This is part of the Suffolk Coast and Heaths. Their on board commentary will let you know all about the rich history and wildlife in the area.

This fascinating River Cruise is only 10 minutes away from Twee Gebroeders in Woodbridge, 20 minutes from Onderneming at Pin Mill and just 25 minutes from our cottages on dry land, Woodfarm Barns.

Deben Cruises is a family business and they have trips departing twice a day on most days through the summer (May through to mid October). You can book out the whole boat for an evening trip by arrangement.

River Cruise from Waldringfield BoatyardSuffolk is one of the country’s driest counties but it does rain here! Fear not, The Jahan is an all weather boat. You can book individual seats subject to availability, or book a group on board too.

The MV Jahan is licensed to carry 54 passengers plus a crew of two and measures 38ft in length. She’s been designed and built to provide comfortable and convenient access for the disabled, and has wide hatches, as well as two hydraulic lifting areas of floor to allow up to two disabled persons in small standard wheelchairs. She is also complete with life-saving devices, a toilet and a small galley for snacks.

Toilet facilities are available on board for walking passengers, and for both walking and wheelchair passengers on the quay.

Basic refreshments are available on board. Pre-ordered snacks of tea/coffee, a scone and jam are available at £2.50pp.

You can see the pricing structure for your River Cruise on their website but in 2017 it is around £11 per person, with minimum numbers needed to operate

You are welcome to contact Deben Cruises directly for a quote if you wish to book the boat exclusively. Under fives only on exclusive trips.

This is not a trip for dogs I’m afraid, with the exception of assistance dogs of course.

River Cruise by the MaybushThe icing on the cake is the awesome pub right next to the jetty. The Maybush is a highly popular pub restaurant sitting on the River Deben, serving fabulous food and drink.

Special Occasion Trips

Exclusive booking of the boat please call them on 01473 736260

To book your River Cruise contact Deben Cruises at Waldringfield Boatyard

Telephone 01473 736 260

Waldringfield Boatyard Ltd. The Quay, Waldringfield, Nr. Woodbridge, Suffolk, IP12 4QZ.