The best rewards from owning a business running holiday cottage barges in Suffolk, is getting wonderful feedback from guests. It is also great to be given the same from credible sources and let’s face it; its those sources that you look for!

How do we let prospective guests know that we offer great holiday cottage barges?

Arguably the most accepted reviews source for the holiday cottage industry is TripAdvisor. We all use it all the time! Why? I personally find it a horrible site to use but I still use it for reviews when I’m going somewhere, so it is vital that we are on it. Our barges, whilst they’ve operated as holiday cottages, have not been on there but we will set this up. However, please do take a look at the hundreds of reviews we have for our other holiday cottages and you’ll soon realise that we know a thing or two about making guests happy. And that’s what we now do with our barges

Tripadvisor Certificate of Excellence

Tripadvisor award for our holiday cottage barges in Suffolk

We were awarded this in 2015, then they stopped doing it and now they are starting it up again!

Anyway, we got it the first year we joined TripAdvisor, for consistent high reviews. We then made it to ONE HUNDRED FIVE STAR reviews, without getting anything less! This was a great milestone for us as, it is such a trusted review source for potential guests. We’ve gone on very nicely since that and have hundreds of Five Star reviews now.


Quality award for our holiday cottage barges in Suffolk



Quality in Tourism Gold

Quality in Tourism Awards are the other measure for guests looking for a guide or benchmark to steer clear of a bad experience. We work tirelessly to maintain our very high standards and we were awarded Gold Standard for all our Holiday Cottages at Woodfarm Barns

So when we purchased these beautiful Dutch Sailing Barges, we worked with Quality in Tourism to ensure that we had the Gold Award for these too! 



Welcome Awards

Part of the Quality in Tourism VisitEngland evaluation process is also the assessment for suitability for the various ‘Welcome Awards’ on offer

They have four of them;

Pets Welcome in our holiday cottage barges in Suffolk  Walkers Welcome in our holiday cottage barges in SuffolkCyclists Welcome in our holiday cottage barges in Suffolk   Families Welcome in our holiday cottage barges in Suffolk

We were assessed on all four categories through a very stringent process but we are delighted that we were awarded all four!. The Families Welcome one can only be for cottages large enough for families though of course so we don’t have that for all of our places as it’d be impossible.

Pets Pyjamas Travel Awards 2018 WinnerPets Pyjamas

Pets Pyjamas is a national resource for all things Dog Friendly. From pubs and restaurants, to places to stay.

We are absolutely delighted to be nominated and WIN their 2018 Award for Unique places to stay. We’re proud to say that we beat competition from all around the country in order to win this award.