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Snape Maltings and Woodfarm Barges!

Snape Maltings and Onderneming

We are absolutely over the moon to bring you some incredible news about Onderneming. As of 21st July 2018 she will be moored at the iconic Snape Maltings!

Snape Maltings. Home to OndernemingLocation, Location, Location! Pin Mill has been a great location for us in the year since we purchased the barge, but we’ve been looking for somewhere with more to offer our guests. And with Snape Maltings, we’ve come up trumps!

The plan is that in July 2018 we are to be moving Onderneming to Snape Maltings, slightly further up the coast. It will offer much better access to Aldeburgh (6 miles away), Southwold, Orford, Thorpeness etc. This is just the most amazing news for us and we know that that the move is going to make Onderneming one of the best places to stay in Suffolk!

Onderneming in The Times, now at Snape MaltingsIt’s been a phenomenal first year with her featuring in The Times “Best Unusual Holiday Houses in the UK’ list, not to mention our appearance on Anglia TV. The move to Snape Maltings is absolutely the icing on the cake!

We spend all our time finding the very best things for our guests to see and do and Snape Maltings is by far and away, one of the best things that Suffolk has to offer! We are delighted to say that they have also embraced our ‘Preferred Partners Programme’ and our guests will be able to get 10% off may of the things on offer there!

It’s an unparalleled mooring on the quayside with allocated parking and you will have wonderful walks along the river, directly from the quay. It’s such a tranquil location still but with so much more to see and do, as you will see;

Woodfarm Barges at Snape MaltingsThe real winner about Snape Maltings is that it is a very up-market range of retail and leisure facilities, incorporating a fabulous pub called The Plough & Sail, and a superb range of shops all within a five minute walk. These include a food hall, home & garden, books & cards, gifts & crafts etc. You can see them all HERE.

We will be writing about so much of this in the months to come but rest assured the barge remains the perfect luxury getaway that she has always been but the location has had an upgrade!

Onderneming at Snape MaltingsIn summary you will have everything you need right on your doorstep, yet you are still on a beautiful river, with stunning views and the tranquillity of the Suffolk countryside.

The location also has much better access to the very best of our amazing heritage coast should you wish to venture out too, though with everything on offer at Snape Maltings, you’ll barely need to!

Best you hurry and get yourselves booked in!

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ITV & Woodfarm Barges (I’m on the telly!)

Pets Pyjamas Winners also on ITV

So there I was aboard Onderneming last week and ITV turned up! I was happy minding my own business when reporters Kate Prout and Becky Jago turned up and said hi!

ITV reporters Kate Prout and Becky Jago

They were in Suffolk filming a piece on dog walking in Suffolk as part of the ITV series ‘Tales & Trails; Dog Walks in East Anglia’. They’d stumbled across us online as somewhere dog walkers could stay and enjoy some luxury whilst their dogs could enjoy some nice walks so they thought they’d pop along and have a look.
I did always dream of being on your screens as a rock star but at the age of 53 that seems to have eluded me! However, I have now appeared on ITV in my other persona as the owner of a luxury Holiday Cottage and Barge business so I’m happy with that!

We have had some amazing publicity this year, what with Onderneming featuring in The Times “Most unusual Holiday Houses in Britain”, and Twee Gebroeders featuring in their list of “Love Nests: Great Places for Two”. On top of that we had a fabulous 6 page spread in Dog Friendly Magazine, featuring our Barns and also a stay aboard Onderneming. You can read all about that one HERE

I’m so pleased that our Barges have taken off in the year since I added them to the business but didn’t imagine we’d have this much publicity!

ITV reporter Becky Jago aboard OndernemingBecky was behind the camera this time, just learning how that side of the industry works, as she’s normally presenting on ITV. Kate was doing the grilling in front of the camera with me. I thought they’d just pop on board and ask me a few questions but they had a really good look around, shot lots of footage and stayed for a good natter afterwards. They made it great fun and kept me as calm as I could be! Becky loved it so much she booked a stay!

Maybe I’ll be on the Old Grey Whistle Test or Top of The Pops next week? (showing my age!)
Click this link and scroll to the second picture. Click and watch the video. We’re on at 1 minute 35 secs. A sneaky peak around one of our barges on ITV.
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The Times features Onderneming!

Onderneming in The Times, now at Snape Maltings

Following The Times newspaper featuring our other Dutch Barge Twee Gebroeders in February 2018, we are delighted that Onderneming has now been featured by them too!

Onderneming featured in The TimesWe thought it was pretty cool to have a listing in The Times for Twee Gebroeders in their list of ‘Love Nests: Great Places for Two’. This has given us some great kudos as the travel supplement of The Times is such a well known source for travellers and holidaymakers.

Well imagine our delight at finding out that they have now featured Onderneming too! She has featured in their list of the top 50 ‘Best Unusual Holiday Houses in Britain 2018’.

The Times and OndernemingThe Times has long been one for writing about interesting places and we are just so chuffed that both of our barges have featured in great articles by them within a year of owning them!

I can confirm that she is a unique place to stay as I bought her after staying as a paying customer myself in March 2017. As I was looking around to take the Woodfarm Barns brand onto the water, I fell in love with Onderneming and just 4 months later we launched the Woodfarm Barge brand with Onderneming and Twee Gebroeders. That was a busy 4 months!

Onderneming in The TimesSince then we have had the pleasure of sharing Onderneming with hundreds of guests, who’ve enjoyed the sheer size of her, as well as the unique experience of holidaying on a river. At well over 100 tons you don’t even know you’re afloat but you do have all the advantages of the stunning views, the wildlife around you and the fabulous walk sin either direction.

She retains so many of her original features, which really do enhance your stay. There are portholes throughout, still retaining their red and green surrounds in the lower saloon so you can tell your port from your starboard (that’s left and right to land-lubbers)

So a huge thank you to The Times for including our wonderful Dutch Barge Onderneming in such a great list.


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The Times and Twee Gebroeders

The Times online featuring Twee Gebroeders

The Times featured our beautiful Dutch Barge Twee Gebroeders this week in their ‘weekend’ supplement

The Times featuring Twee GebroedersWe are so pleased that The Times saw fit to put a little piece into their ‘weekend’ paper on Saturday February 3rd 2018

They had a page on ‘Love Nests – Great places for two’, in The Times Travel section, featuring 16 suggestions around the country and Twee Gebroeders was one of them!

The Times said “Get away from it all on a converted Dutch sailing Barge on the River Deben in Woodbridge, Suffolk. There’s plenty of character onboard, with a red range in the galley, portholes and wood cabinets throughout. It’s only a short walk to nearby restaurants and pubs”

They weren’t wrong about the standard of the finish aboard Twee Gebroeders. The previous owners had spared no expense when refitting and refurbishing her. All the wood cabinets mentioned in the article were lovingly made by hand but a Suffolk craftsman and the pretty range cooker cost a pretty penny too! Before all of that she was fully insulated and had a domestic central heating system installed to ensure all the creature comforts when you’re enjoying your unique holiday in beautiful Woodbridge

The Times featuring Twee GebroedersSince we ‘launched’ (pun intended) the Woodfarm Barge brand in July 2017, we have experienced booking activity beyond our initial expectations but we could always do with more so undoubtedly this article in The Times will help. In fact, since I started writing this Blog Post we have already had bookings attributed to The Times so that’s cool! (I’m not a slow writer, I started it on the Tuesday and finished it on the Wednesday!)

Interestingly the first booking to come in was for our other barge Onderneming at Pin Mill, which wasn’t even mentioned! The power of the media and people digging a little deeper hey?

Well, the article didn’t say a lot so do take a look at the photos and Youtube videos we have for Twee Gebroeders, and Onderneming if you wish, and you’ll soon see what all the fuss is about and why we got a little write up in The Times. Hope to be seeing you aboard sometime

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12 days of Christmas offer from Woodfarm

12 days of Christmas

We all know the words to the 12 days of Christmas but we’ve re-written it just to give you a very special Christmas present from us, worth over £60!

We did our own take on the 12 days of Christmas last year for our Barns in Stonham Aspal to bring you a very special offer and it went so well we’re doing it again this year!

You may think that it is a much treasured traditional, seasonal song and shouldn’t be tampered with. However, in true Woodfarm style, we do like to buck the trend so we’ve kinda juggled with it to bring you a new perspective with a Suffolk twist….

We’re using our version to give you a lovely Christmas present from us and although there’s no mention of Barges, it’s only because we didn’t have them then! But it doesn’t stop us rolling out this fab offer to you!

The 12 days of Christmas starts on Christmas day and ends on the 5th January. So, all you need to do is book any 2018 break during the Twelve Days of Christmas and you will receive have all these mouth-watering treats waiting for you when you arrive! You don’t need to actually come before the 5th January, you just need to book your 2018 break by then, and you MUST use the Voucher Code given below.

Please note we cannot apply this offer in conjunction with any other offer or retrospectively to any existing booking, or if you see this offer after booking. It is a new offer just for the 12 days of Christmas to incentivise people to book. That’s why they are called “special offers”. We cannot be clearer on this.

Free Hamper with your 12 days of ChristmasFirstly you’ll have one of our deli-cious deli Hampers from the Deli at the Chilli Farm, just around the corner from Woodfarm.

It’ll contain all sorts of amazing foodie treats such as locally produced tarts, pies, cheeses etc, as well as their life-changing chocolate brownies! There’ll also be some local beer or cyder in there, as well as crisps, crackers, chutney etc too, so plenty to feast on during your Suffolk stay.

Champagne on your 12 days of ChristmasNext, you’ll find a chilled bottle of Champagne in your fridge waiting for you to toast your occasion, whatever that may be.

So you can get the fire going (if it’s that kind of weather), pop the cork and put your feet up with your loved one, relax and unwind.

Now you have everything you need to complete your 12 days of Christmas treat.


Handmade chocolates with your 12 days of ChristmasAll you need now is chocolate!

Well, we have that covered too! You’ll also find an amazing box of local, handmade chocolates waiting for you too!

These fabulous honey and sea salt chocolates are handmade in Suffolk, with the help of some very friendly Suffolk bees.

So, we hope you like the sound of our Christmas present to you! All you need to do to scoop all these tasty treats is to book your 2018 break, any time up until the 12th day of Christmas (5th January) and use this Voucher Code; twelve. And you’ll have all this lot waiting for you when you arrive.

If you book Woodfarm House or Onderneming, there will be a much larger hamper!

2018 is booking VERY quickly and we are way ahead of last year again so do book early to avoid disappointment. We all hear that phrase but I am turning a lot of enquiries away simply because we are heavily booked. Just CLICK HERE to go straight to our availability page and get yourselves booked in and grab these goodies!

Please note this cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers including our £25 Discount for first time guests. I’m generous but not daft.

So, to our re-written song;

Our take on the lyrics are below and it was written in 2016 before we had our Barges and we only had three Hot Tubs.

Showing you how it’s done is my lovely friend and bandmate Fern Teather. Whilst I got her to do this daft version of the 12 days of Christmas for me, she is actually a very talented singer/ songwriter so do check out her website here!

[youtube url=”” autoplay=”false” repeat=”false”]

On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me, a weekend in the country.

On the second day of Christmas my true love gave to me, two local lakes on a weekend in the country.

On the third day of Christmas my true love gave to me, three hot tubs, two local lakes, on a weekend in the country.

On the fourth day of Christmas my true love gave to me, four coffee shops, three hot tubs, two local lakes, on a weekend in the country.

On the fifth day of Christmas my true love gave to me, five dog walks, four coffee shops, three hot tubs, two local lakes, on a weekend in the country.

On the sixth day of Christmas my true love gave to me, six Suffolk barns, five dog walks, four coffee shops, three hot tubs, two local lakes, on a weekend in the country.

On the seventh day of Christmas my true love gave to me, seven Koi a-swimming, six Suffolk barns, five dog walks, four coffee shops, three hot tubs, two local lakes, on a weekend in the country.

On the eighth day of Christmas my true love gave to me, eight pubs for drinking, seven Koi a-swimming, six Suffolk barns, five dog walks, four coffee shops, three hot tubs, two local lakes, on a weekend in the country.

On the ninth day of Christmas my true love gave to me, nine beaches beaching, eight pubs for drinking, seven Koi a-swimming, six Suffolk barns, five dog walks, four coffee shops, three hot tubs, two local lakes, on a weekend in the country.

On the tenth day of Christmas my true love gave to me, ten bikes for biking, nine beaches beaching, eight pubs for drinking, seven Koi a-swimming, six Suffolk barns, five dog walks, four coffee shops, three hot tubs, two local lakes, on a weekend in the country.

On the eleventh day of Christmas my true love gave to me, eleven sights for seeing, ten bikes for biking, nine beaches beaching, eight pubs for drinking, seven Koi a-swimming, six Suffolk barns, five dog walks, four coffee shops, three hot tubs, two local lakes, on a weekend in the country.

On the twelfth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me a twelve roomed farmhouse, eleven sights for seeing, ten bikes for biking, nine beaches beaching, eight pubs for drinking, seven Koi a-swimming, six Suffolk barns, five dog walks, four coffee shops, three hot tubs, two local lakes, on a weekend in the country.

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Suffolk Holiday Mug Shots

Get a £25 Discount on your next Suffolk Holiday with us, just for sending us your Mug Shots! We’ll also enter you into our PRIZE DRAW to WIN a FREE BREAK too!!!

FREE Suffolk Holiday with Mug ShotsFor some time now we’ve encouraged our guests to take their Woodfarm Mugs away with them to remind them of their Suffolk Holiday, and we’ve certainly got through thousands now so we know you like them!

But it’s about time we saw them in use around the country. There are thousands of our Mugs around the UK and abroad now and we figured it’d be nice to see where they’ve gone. So why not send us a photo of where your mugs have ended up?……..Suffolk Holiday Mug ShotsWe would love you to send us a ‘Mug Shot’ (see what we did there?) of you enjoying your cuppa, whether at home or at work. You could even be creative in where you take yours, we may give extra points for imagination! And as a little thank you for doing so we’ll send you a Voucher Code for £25 OFF your next visit. How’s that sound? Well, there’s more! If you think that sounds good, we’ll also add everyone who sends us a Mug Shot into a PRIZE DRAW to WIN a FREE BREAK too! We have always been very fortunate to have so many guests returning to us for their Suffolk Holiday, and recommending us to their family and friends, so we really want to encourage you to get a little extra when you come back and see us again. Simply take a photo of yourselves using our Mugs, whether they are Woodfarm Barns, or Woodfarm Barges and email it to us at;

It’s just for fun so unless you ask us not to, we’ll add them to this Mug Shot page and share them on Social Media. Either way we’ll send you your £25 OFF Voucher Code by return and you can simply use that next time you book.

Oh, make sure they’re nice and clear and you look happy in your pics! ????

Forgot to take yours with you last time you were here? Just drop us a line and as long as you have been before, we’ll send you a mug in the post so you can take part!


Win a Suffolk Holiday aboard Twee GebroedersAs I said, we’ll put everyone who sends us a Mug Shot into a PRIZE DRAW every 6 months and pick one lucky WINNER out of the hat to WIN a FREE SUFFOLK HOLIDAY for two, either in The Granary Barn or aboard our beautiful romantic barge Twee Gebroeders in Woodbridge. You can choose!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, we are far too good to you!

So, here are some of our Mug Shots so far……

Suffolk Holiday Mug Shots - A now 'expectant' Zoe, with Rocco and Nova

A now ‘expectant’ Zoe, with Rocco and Nova


Suffolk Holiday Mug Shots - Sarah

Sarah – if only the light box said #MugShots ????


Suffolk Holiday Mug Shots - Toby loving his cuppa!

Suffolk Holiday Mug Shots – Toby loving his cuppa!


Suffolk Holiday Mug Shots - Diane giving it the thumbs up

Diane giving it the thumbs up


Suffolk Holiday Mug Shots of Riley and Aimee

Riley and Aimee


Dave and Jo with their Suffolk Holiday souvenirs

Dave and Jo


Angela with her Suffolk Holiday souvenir
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A Woodfarm Christmas Message. Sort of


I wrote this and sent it to our VIP Rewards Group, aka our Database. It’s not really a Christmas message, it was just some ramblings but I was overwhelmed by the response that I got, with so many incredible positive messages, that I thought I’d share it on the websites and Social Media. You can read it. Or not. If you don’t, then I just wish you a Happy Christmas.

Wow! That was some year! You might find this interesting, you might not. But for my last newsletter (traditionally the Christmas one) of 2017 I just wanted to share some thoughts with you. No pretty pictures, just some thoughts.

It’s a bit long but I’d really appreciate you taking a minute or two to ‘hear’ my musings on where we are at. You might (I say might) find it interesting. Even if it isn’t much about Christmas.

Firstly, thank you to all of you who’ve been to stay, been back again and recommended us to everyone you know. We had our best year ever. Again. And we gave away quite a few breaks; some as competition prizes, some for charity. So we’ll keep doing that.

The way I see it is that I’m just an ordinary bloke making a living by running a business that I built from nothing, to one that now contributes almost one and a half million quid a year to the economy of Suffolk. That’s not all mine by the way!

How? Well, you spend money to come and stay and you spend money around our local area in pubs, restaurants, shops etc. East of England Tourism state that the spend elsewhere is around double that spent on the stay itself. Then, all of those businesses have suppliers and staff so the money goes round again. There’s an awful lot of money going around the rural community simply because we now exist, where we didn’t before. I tell you this only because I’m proud of the teeny part my business plays in the economy. Every little helps and all that?

We have had another record-breaking year. Every single year since I started this business on 2009 we have had more and more guests come to stay. And in 2017 I expanded the business onto the water by buying two beautiful Dutch Barges as I didn’t have any more room on the land. And that’s going well too. Oh, and we seem to have rather a lot of Hot Tubs now as well!

I never knew it’d be this successful. All I did was work really hard to try and give everybody the best possible memories and an escape from the norm. That’s all I’ve ever done. I have an amazing team around me, who have been with me for years and I’m very grateful. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still very hard work and I keep having to think of new ways to let people know what we are about but it is getting easier and more enjoyable.

So what’s this got to do with you and why are you reading this? Well, at some point you subscribed to read this stuff and most of the time I try to tell you about things going on in Suffolk that might interest you, most of the time I try to inject humour as frankly, what’s the point otherwise?

We all get bombarded every day by advertising messages by companies large and small trying to persuade us to buy their wares. I try to think of ways of doing it too. My little creative brain comes up with all sorts; some of it will appeal to you, some of it won’t. We are all different. But all I am trying to do is make you think “Yeah, that looks nice, we’ll give it a go”.

As I write this just before Christmas 2017, hundreds of people have taken the trouble to write a Five Star review on TripAdvisor and Facebook. Hundreds of them. Giving me their valuable time, just to say thank you and let others know what we are about. I’m really grateful for that and it’s very humbling to read those reviews.

The nice people at VisitEngland have rated us with Gold Awards for everything we have since we started so that keeps us in check too.

Sometimes people unsubscribe and some people vow to never come here for whatever reason. But I can’t let that bother me. I just keep doing what I’m doing because it works.

My focus has never been about making money. Ever. Of course I want to, that’s why I do it but I have never aimed at the money in what I do. All I have ever tried to do is make guests happy. I’m not stupid though. I know if I make enough guests happy, that they will come back. And they will tell their friends and family. And they will come. And return. And tell their friends and family. And you know what? It works. So I’m really not as daft as I look.

So if I write something in a newsletter or on social media that doesn’t chime with you every time, so what, I’m just trying. If you really don’t like it then don’t follow us any more and have a nice life, along with my best wishes. We are all different and like different things and I totally respect that. But if you like most of what we do, then please keep following us, keep telling people about us and please come to stay whenever you can. I’d really like that.

And do tell me if there are things you would like to hear about too. I can’t guess all of this stuff and I’d love some new ideas from other people.

I just wish we lived in a world where ordinary, decent people ruled and we didn’t have terrorism, sexual predators, inept politicians, corruption and hatred. Oh, and Trump. But we don’t. So I’ll just keep doing my thing and earning a living by making people happy. And making some really nice friends who come and stay with us. I am a simple human but a contented one and this is just what I do.

I want to say a genuine thank you to each and every guest that has ever stayed with us and there have been countless thousands now. It doesn’t matter what we do or what our ethos is; if you don’t come, we’ve got nothing. Zilch. I’m very grateful for your past custom and your (hopefully) future custom too. And I really hope that many of you who haven’t yet been, will do so in the future.

Thanks for reading this to the end too!

Have a great Christmas and New Year and I hope to see some of you in 2018.

Oh, and sorry I lied about not having any pretty pictures. Here’s a Robin in the garden of Orwell Barn.

A Christmas Robin at Woodfarm

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Photography and Suffolk in perfect harmony

Ramsholt in Suffolk. Gill Moon Photography

Great photography requires real skills, and landscape photographer Gill Moon has them in spades!

When I met Gill, it was as the previous owner of one of our beautiful Dutch Barges ‘Twee Gebroeders’. It was only when we’d shaken on a deal that I realised her passion for photography. This image is one of my favourite examples of Gill’s photography. This is Twee Gebroeders, when she was on the River Orwell.

Photography in Suffolk by Gill Moon - Twee GebroedersAnd now, we all have the opportunity to admire her work as she presents a collection of images showcasing the beauty and diversity of the Suffolk Coast. Here’s another of my faves. What a stunning image of Southwold Pier! (I normally show images smaller on my blog posts but I can’t bring myself to reduce these!!!)

Suffolk Photography by Gill Moon‘Suffolk Seen – Images of Suffolk’ is an exhibition of some of Gill’s work and I strongly advise you to take some time out to go and feast your eyes on the very best that Suffolk has to offer, courtesy of Gill’s lens!

The exhibition will draw on her love of the sea and a passion for the natural landscape.

From the buzz of the Port of Felixstowe to the tranquility of the Blyth estuary the exhibition features images from a variety of landscapes within the Suffolk Coast and Heaths AONB and tells a story of this ever changing landscape through a series of waterscapes, landscapes and sailing images.

We both share a love of the water so it does feature in Gill’s images. Here’s an amazing view of the River Deben at Ramsholt, where I spend as much of my spare time as I can.

Ramsholt in Suffolk. Photography by Gill MoonGill is a freelance photographer based in Woodbridge. She specialises in landscapes waterscapes, and marine photography and is passionate about promoting a connection with the environment through her work.

The exhibition will run for 1 week at the new ARTSPACE Gallery, 64 Thoroughfare, Woodbridge IP12 1AL,Suffolk

Opening from midday Thursday 26th October to 4pm Wednesday 1st November including Sunday.

And…. You can buy Gill’s work! More information about Gill and her work can be found on her website

Venue details can be found HERE

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River Cruise from our Barges or Barns

Fancy taking a Suffolk River Cruise when you’re staying at our Barges or Barns? Then the Jahan from Deben Cruises is a perfect way to spend a couple of hours

River Cruise aboard MV JahanThis River Cruise operates from the tiny little Suffolk hamlet of Waldringfield where you’ll be welcomed aboard the MV (Motor Vessel) Jahan for a 2 hour journey by boat along the beautiful river Deben.

Your River Cruise will take you around one of the most scenic and stunning spots on Suffolk’s Heritage Coast. The Deben Estuary is tidal and is a Special Protection Area within one of our two local AONB’s (Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty). This is part of the Suffolk Coast and Heaths. Their on board commentary will let you know all about the rich history and wildlife in the area.

This fascinating River Cruise is only 10 minutes away from Twee Gebroeders in Woodbridge, 20 minutes from Onderneming at Pin Mill and just 25 minutes from our cottages on dry land, Woodfarm Barns.

Deben Cruises is a family business and they have trips departing twice a day on most days through the summer (May through to mid October). You can book out the whole boat for an evening trip by arrangement.

River Cruise from Waldringfield BoatyardSuffolk is one of the country’s driest counties but it does rain here! Fear not, The Jahan is an all weather boat. You can book individual seats subject to availability, or book a group on board too.

The MV Jahan is licensed to carry 54 passengers plus a crew of two and measures 38ft in length. She’s been designed and built to provide comfortable and convenient access for the disabled, and has wide hatches, as well as two hydraulic lifting areas of floor to allow up to two disabled persons in small standard wheelchairs. She is also complete with life-saving devices, a toilet and a small galley for snacks.

Toilet facilities are available on board for walking passengers, and for both walking and wheelchair passengers on the quay.

Basic refreshments are available on board. Pre-ordered snacks of tea/coffee, a scone and jam are available at £2.50pp.

You can see the pricing structure for your River Cruise on their website but in 2017 it is around £11 per person, with minimum numbers needed to operate

You are welcome to contact Deben Cruises directly for a quote if you wish to book the boat exclusively. Under fives only on exclusive trips.

This is not a trip for dogs I’m afraid, with the exception of assistance dogs of course.

River Cruise by the MaybushThe icing on the cake is the awesome pub right next to the jetty. The Maybush is a highly popular pub restaurant sitting on the River Deben, serving fabulous food and drink.

Special Occasion Trips

Exclusive booking of the boat please call them on 01473 736260

To book your River Cruise contact Deben Cruises at Waldringfield Boatyard

Telephone 01473 736 260

Waldringfield Boatyard Ltd. The Quay, Waldringfield, Nr. Woodbridge, Suffolk, IP12 4QZ.